New IoT devices able to guarantee high standards of road safety and more respect for the rules, starting with speed control

Milano, December 28 th , 2021 – Metropolitan City of Milan, as part of the “Milano Metropolitana Safety Project”, a program of actions aimed at increasing safety on its own road network, has concluded the intervention of updating and transformation of the systems on the S.P. 14 Rivoltana, in the municipalities
of Rodano and Settala, and which saw the installation of innovative technological equipment in the field of speed control and the prevention and reduction of accidents.

Starting from December 30 th , an innovative automatic speed detection system will be activated, able to identify violations committed in instant or average speed mode. The system is located on the S.P. 14 Rivoltana: from km 6+973 to km 8+039 in the direction of Brescia and from km 8+113 to km 6+965 in the direction of Milan and it will be active 24 hours a day.

In detail, the devices for the control of instant speed already present have been transformed into devices able to detect illicit behaviour due to failure to comply with the limits allowed with detection of the average or instant speed. This latest generation technology, already successfully applied by the
Metropolitan City, brings a different approach to the control of roads: by monitoring the speed for a wider perimeter, it has a more incisive and educational effect on the driver’s behaviour, in line with the objectives pursued by the entire “Milano Metropolitana Safety Project”.

Precisely to ensure greater road safety and the protection of road users, the Metropolitan City of Milan,where possible, thanks to the Metropolitan Road Safety Project is equipping the road network with more innovative and smart technological systems, able to strengthen the control of speed limits and the territory.

Like all the devices set up as part of the Milano Metropolitana Safety Project, this smart device dialogues and interacts with the Titan® Ecosystem, the proprietary platform of Safety21 certified AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) supplied to the Local Police, which receives and manages information, data and images in the cloud useful for the detection of any infringements and for the scientific processing of traffic analysis.

The activation of the devices is also supported by a communication campaign aimed at informing and raising awareness among road users towards increasingly responsible driving behaviour. The activities carried out by the Milano Metropolitana Security Project can be consulted on the website that explores every aspect of the project: