The installations of the Metropolitan City of Milan to protect the environment continue. The Milano Metropolitana Security Project is enriched with a new video surveillance station located along S.P. 159 Via Generale C. A. dalla Chiesa in the municipality of Colturano. In detail:

S.P. 159 Via Generale C.A. dalla Chiesa, Colturano – Adjacent to “STEF Italia S.p.A. – Filiale di Colturano”ù

The device, active 24 hours a day, is activated in the presence of suspicious movements, recording any offenses, such as the abandonment of waste, immediately alerting the competent bodies.

A fundamental tool to combat crimes against the environment and beyond, which, on several occasions since the entry into action of the “Milano Metropolitana Security Project”, has also proved decisive for the production of evidentiary material to support the investigations conducted by the Police Forces on other crimes.

For more details on the positioning of the devices and for updates on future interventions it will be sufficient to consult the Detection Points section