The device will come into operation from 6 March 2023 in the Municipality of Gaggiano with the aim of counteracting the passages with the red light.

Metropolitan City of Milan ever closer to achieving the European goal ‘Zero victims on the road’: as part of the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project”, the multi-year plan of actions aimed at safeguarding road users and the environment, the installation of a new IoT device that will contribute to road safety has been completed.

In the Municipality of Gaggiano, at the intersection between the S.P 59 and Via Leonardo da Vinci, an advanced traffic light control system has been positioned to counteract the passage with red and the consequent risk of accidents at the intersection of the two road sections.

The system will come into operation from 6 March 2023, and is able to identify any violation, to acquire images from integrated cameras and to ascertain and document infringements in real time through video, respecting the privacy of citizens.

The device, as all the IoT devices provided within the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project”, communicates with the Safety21 TITAN Cloud platform supplied to the Local Police: an innovative ecosystem managed remotely that makes the control of the provincial territory more efficient, faster and more sustainable.

The activation of the traffic light control system on the S.P. 59 is anticipated and accompanied by a systematic widespread communication campaign provided for by the “Milano Metropolitan Safety Project” aimed at informing citizens of the presence of the new apparatus and raising awareness among road users towards an increasingly responsible and virtuous driving behavior.